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Heteropteryx dilitata - Adult Pair (Green Female)

Heteropteryx dilitata - Adult Pair (Green Female)


Jungle Nymphs

***Please note that we may from time to time send sub adult males depending on availability - females will always be sent as mature adult females - it doesnt take long for the males to catch up in size***

A large, long lived species which can live for up to 12 months as adults. They can be handled but this must be done with care as they are quite prickly. 

Food plant - Bramble, Dog Rose and Ivy (Ivy should be used sparingly - not as the main diet) 

Egg development - up to 12 months 

Nymph to adult development time - 9 - 12 months 

Adult females can live for up to 12 months although i have had females exceed 15 months as adults. Whereas, males tend to live between 4 - 6 months. 


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