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Care Guides

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Here at the Insect Farm we are forever researching to keep up to date with the latest husbandry practices, learn about new species and to see what everyone else in the hobby is getting up to! The trouble is there is a vast amount of information out there but finding it isn't always so easy and the quality and accuracy can vary a lot from one site to another. So our plan is to post a series of care guides starting with the taxa we are most passionate about and from there we will see where it takes us. 

Our main ambition here is to  provide people with free but accurate advice, all in one place. Thats because it is important to us that you properly understand the requirements of these creatures. That way you can provide them with the best level of care possible! We will also recommend other useful sources of information such as Facebook groups, links to YouTube channels etc. 

The Care guides are a work in progress so please bear with us! We will be adding to them regularly and will post updates on our facebook page each time we add a new series to the site. If there is anything in particular that you would like us to cover please let us know and we will try to focus on those topics!

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