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Cubaris sp. 'Panda King' x 10

Cubaris sp. 'Panda King' x 10


Panda King Isopods 

This species is a very popular one and we have them available at a very competitive price - less than half the price of other retailers. 

The isopod species we have chosen to stock are brightly coloured and stand out which makes them great species to house as primary inhabitants where they are the main species on display. They are easy to care for and are prolific breeders. They feed mostly on detritus which also makes them an excellent clean up crew where they are a secondary inhabitant in a larger vivarium housing mixed species.

Enclosure size: we reccomend starting with a minimum tub size of 2.5L for 10 x isopods and then as the colony begins to breed and grow upgrade as necessary.

Substrate: mix of decayed leaves, wood and soil

Additional requirements : some dried leaves/bark/branches to hide on/under 

Temperature: can tolerate lows of 18 degrees but optimum temps are 20 - 26 degrees 

Humidity/Ventilation: Best to ventilate only one side of the lid to provide both a wet and dry side and spray the wet side once weekly and increase this to twice weekly or more if daily temperatures rise above 28 degrees C.

Diet: They feed on detritus so will consume the substrate but there are a number of products that can be used that contain extra nutrients and vitamis to help them thrive such as repashy. Feed only what can beconsumed in 2 - 3 days and then remove uneaten food and replace with fresh. This will help avoid attracting unwanted pests/mould/bacteria. 


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