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Protaetia aeruginosa 2nd - 3rd Instar x 5

Protaetia aeruginosa 2nd - 3rd Instar x 5


Photographer - Permission given to us to use this picture by Petr Curik 

Jewel Flower Beetle

These Larvae come from a mix of Red/Green/Black Colour forms and could develop into adults of any of these colours. There is no way of knowing what colour they will develop into until the adults have emerged.

Larvae are feeding on decaying oak and beech leaf litter

Development time 12 - 15 Months 

Larvae should be given a cooler diapause period during their 3rd Larval instar or during pupation (drop them down slowly to around 10 degrees C) for 3 months and then slowly increase the temperature back to 20-24 degrees C. 

Adults can live up to 6 months 

Adults feed on ripe fruit and jelly pots


Arriving w/c 22nd April will be able to dispatch from w/c 29th April 2024
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