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Goliathus goliathus 1st Instar x 1

Goliathus goliathus 1st Instar x 1


Goliath Beetle Larvae. 

Arriving 24/02/2022

These are L1 Larvae First Generation from wild caught adults. 

Larvae will feed on decayed oak and beech leaves or flake soil. In order to achieve large adult sizes I would reccomed the use of additional protein such as gamarus shrimp. 

Egg to adult is usually around 18 months

Adults will feed on ripe fruit and beetle jelly. 

Adults can live aprox 10 months. 

Larvae are best kept seperately 

When the larvae reaches maximum size and begins to turn yellow or starts crawling on the surface of the substrate it is reccomended to move them to much deeper containers (tall sweet jars are ideal) and give them a 50:50 sand:soil mix as this will help them to construct toughter cocoons.